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omg where do you live? (this isn't meant to be creepy, just wondering where you guys have extreme weather at this time of year!)


East coast Canada like wOW get me out of here

It was 20 degrees last week????

It just snowed 5cm wonDERFUL

Its currently hailing/snowing now

It just snowed 5cm wonDERFUL
Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style. - (via meek-nmild)

“As actors, you become an expert at starting over. Every single role brings with it an ignorance and an insecurity, and so you have to approach it with the same curiosity and humility. I’m always nervous. Doesn’t matter how many times I do this. But I remind myself it’s because I care”.


the aight gatsby


The provinces and territories of Canada.

You just gotta love Canada

Aww yuss

Got a new necklace :))


IU color palette ♥ 


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